Here's to the Falling In​.​.​.

by Son of a Bad Man

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This is Son of a Bad Man's first full length album. It was completely funded by their friends, family, and fans, thanks to Kickstarter.

It was recorded in September/October of 2011 at Stan Martell's studio in Kingsland, GA.

It was mixed and mastered by Paul Lapinski of My Platinum Sound productions.

* Except "Miracle Jet" which was mixed by John Fields.

Artwork by Thomas Amason

Additional artwork/album layout/liner notes by Jordyn Jackson.


released January 28, 2012

Produced by Son of a Bad Man & Stan Martell

Guitar/Vocals: Shawn Fisher
Bass: Brett Barley
Guitars: Stan Martell
Additional Guitars/Vocals: Jordan Allen Davis
Drums/Percussion: Brad Moxey
Keyboards: Eric Brigmond



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Son of a Bad Man Jacksonville, Florida

Son of a Bad Man is a southern pop/rock group from Jacksonville, FL. The four members of the band met while pursuing separate projects in the local music scene. Led by singer/songwriter Shawn Fisher, the band recently released their first full length album, entitled "Here's to the Falling In..."

Known across the southeast for their amazing live shows, check their websites for details.
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Track Name: Can't Have You
I can tell that you're the real thing
You've got a heart that shines like gold
And when you're walking down that road
You're so bold, no one ever lays a finger on your soul

I can tell you've got some lovin'
You've got so much of it to give
And no you're not afraid to share
You're not scared of the side effects when you decide to live

No you're not like the other ones, baby
No you're something special, you're something special
Everything you do is driving me crazy
But you know

That if I can't have you
Every other girl is second best
The way you move
Makes it hard to catch my breath
And when I try to sleep at night you give me shivers down my spine
I'd live my life with nothing to lose
If I can't have you

I can tell the tides are turnin’
I know you know deep down inside
That when it comes to every night, satisfied
I’ll do it twice as good as any other guy

Now won’t you stop there, turn around
Watch my jaw hit the ground
It don’t take no degree to know
I’d go anywhere you wanna go

Your body and your mind
Got my insides intertwined
And I would wait ‘til the end of time
Track Name: Love Like Mine (feat. Runner Runner)
Its like I die in my sleep every night
When I wake up an angel is there by my side
She smiles and gives me a kiss on the cheek
Without this girl my life would be incomplete

My boys are always jealous askin’
How did I land a girl like that?

You gotta give love to get love
You gotta give some to get some
You gotta walk on a limb
Put your heart on the line sometimes
To get a love like mine

Every touch is electric it’s so plain to see
That I’m made for her and she’s made for me
When we make love it is never a bore
We’re at it for hours and then a few more

Every kiss and every hug
Nothing ever is enough
We may have our ups and downs
But you know we’ll always work it out
Track Name: Die Alone
Too late for summertime
Here’s to the long goodbye
Your lips were cherry red
Sweet taste was in my head

I don’t wanna die alone
Gotta shake the shiver outta my bones
Don’t wanna turn around and know that you’re gone
Oh I, don’t wanna die alone

Too late for innocence
Here’s to the falling in
Your eyes are beams of light
One flash and out of sight

Come what may
I’ll take the trouble face to face
Told myself I’d make you see
Through sweaty palms and shaking knees
Oh I believe it
Track Name: Harvest (feat. Jordyn Jackson)
I found out at a very young age
Nothing ever goes my way
I found out and I’m still alive to say
Nothing good ever stays

So won’t you take my hand?
And we will dig for gold in this barren land
I will do the best I can
Before your faith in me begins to bend

I promised you heaven, I promised you sweet
But I fall short of everything I should be
So after the harvest if you feel deceived
I won’t blame you if you leave

I knew it the minute I first saw your face
You’re the best thing that ever walked my way
But if that dusty road’s how you plan your escape
I know you’ll haunt me everyday